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Community Arts Guild

The Community Arts Guild makes art of all sorts with the people of East Scarborough: inviting those who may not normally have the opportunity to participate; connecting people separated from each other because of distance, language, income, age, culture or ability; celebrating and discovering the traditions they bring along; and building community through our art-making.

Artists & Staff, 2013-14

Artistic Director: Beth Helmers
Lead Artist: Sean Frey
22013/14 Artists & Staff: Andrea Thring, Cathy Nosaty, Julia Churchill, Katherine Fleitas, Lilia Leon, Marianne Alas, Peter Jones, Sharada K. Eswar, Sonja Rainey, Sarah Miller*
(*a Metcalf  Foundation Intern through Jumblies Theatre)

Current Project

The Lost & Found Triptych is a suite of three artworks on the theme of lost and found, initially inspired by stories told by a group of local Tamil seniors from the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities.

Lost & Found part I:  You Are Not Lost
A radio play about a boy who gets separated from his grandparents at a festival in Sri Lanka. Created with the seniors at 65 Greencrest Circuit, and including performances and lost & found stories from many local people.  We had so many wonderful performers come out for this play that we produced two recordings: an English and Tamil version, which can be heard here; and a mostly Tamil version, which you can listen to here.

Lost & Found part II:  Coming to Past
A short film about a woman living in a new country who gets off the bus at the wrong stop and finds herself in an unexpected, magical place. Created with Tamil seniors from the East Scarborough Storefront, Scarborough youth and other community members. View it by clicking here.

Lost & Found 3: Train Payanam
Coming this November! 

Dillon Cox & Loentes Puppet, Like An Old Tale,
Dec. 2011, Photo: Katherine Fleitas

A child is lost on a busy train.  We follow his father on a journey through the train cars in search of the child, and meet other travelers and adventures along the way. The story is told with music, sound, dance, acting, puppetry, and more. 

Opportunities to take part include:

  • choir and sound group
  • dance and live acting
  • puppetry performance and making
  • making costumes, props and sets
  • cooking and food
  • backstage help
  • and more!

Casting and Sign-Up: Tuesday, Sept. 24, 5 to 8 pm at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, 225 Confederation Drive, Scarborough

All ages and levels of experience welcome.  For more information call 416-203-8428 or email: